Jen (moon_jennon) wrote in lochte_drive_08,


Okay, guys. Sorry to keep you waiting! I spoke to Ryan at PPMD today and he said he's going to be working on the website and he should have it up for us tomorrow. So, hopefully, if all goes according to plan, we will have an official launch to announce. YAY!!!!!!!!!

He said they've been really busy lately (they just got a bill passed in Congress!), and he'll be working on this tomorrow, even though he's off tomorrow. AWW. :)

He also went on and on about how "such a sweet guy" Ryan is. He told me this hilariously awesome story about Ryan swimming for a charity event and they presented him a book of messages from some of the boys. He said Ryan was "SO touched. He was just speechless." I thought that was hella adorable. :D

So he's really excited and thinks this is such an awesome idea. And of course I expressed how anxious we are to get started.

So cross your fingers and keep watching this space! There will be much more to come, I PROMISE! =D

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